Our Play Café offers you a home away from home, where you can relax while your children play. To help you enjoy your stay, we offer an upscale,clean environment featuring an array of retail items,magazines and phone charging stations.

We are required to follow the Health Dept Guidelines.

EVERYONE must wear socks

NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED (only infant food). You will be asked to put it away

NO NUTS OF ANY KIND. You will be asked to put it away

Food & drinks need to be kept in the cafe

Please change your child’s diaper in the bathroom ONLY

For safety reasons of ALL children, we do not allow:

–  children to stand or jump from the infant zone walls

–  children to run

–  sit on top of train tables

–  sit on top of the dining room table.

Please help be respectful of everyone enjoying our space, and follow our safe and simple rules.